SkinTalk with Gina

Hear it from The Rejuvenation Place first! We are talking about pH Levels of your skin and how to put your best face forward all year long! We take a hands on approach and investigate some of the most popular drug store brands. You be the judge! 

OMG! Double Dare Mask Demo

Skincare meets fashion! Take a look at the amazing results of this tightening, antioxidant mask! This is one of the many grab and go mask's we have to offer at The Rejuvenation Place! They are perfect as a weeknight treat or travel essential and make the perfect gift! 

Cailyn Cosmetics

Beauty does not happen accidentally; It is engineered. The Rejuvenation Place is proud to exclusively offer Cailyn Cosmetics! Want to know more about this amazing brand?!

From selecting quality ingredients to formulating cutting edge product with articulately crafted packages, every single facet of creating CAILYN products is dynamically engineered and meticulously processed. CAILYN represents an archetype of a stylish women, beautiful, independent, and confident about herself and her image in the world. As an innovative cosmetics company, CAILYN tries to produce innovative and stylish product with confidence of designing with an ingenuity. 

Cruelty Free - CAILYN offers non-animal testing products, certified by Leaping Bunny Org: As most of CAILYN products are formulated without petrochemical, phthalates, and other ingredients that may be harmful, there is no need to assess safety, efficacy, or environmental effects with excessive animal testing. 

All I Want for Christmas

Here's Just A Quick Promo Video On A Few Of Our Products Here At The Rejuvenation Place! Oprah selected the Cailyn O! WOW Brush with Oval Cap on her 2017 Gift List! This amazing brush is available exclusively at The Rejuvenation Place!

Spa D'Athena Bailout Video

Since we are a family that represents Bismarck, ND and we know what it's like to be part of the community, when we saw what was going on up North, each of us looked at each other and said "Let's do something to help"!