ipl laser therapy

cystic acne 

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photo facials have proven to be highly effective. IPL photo facials use a broad spectrum of light to target melanin (the pigmented cells forming sun spots and pigmentation after acne lesions) and hemoglobin (the red cells that are found in blood vessels and redness that remains after acne lesions). IPL photo facials also destroy bacteria associated with acne, and they shrink the sebaceous glands to stop overproduction of oils that cause acne. Red and brown marks from acne lesions on the skin can be greatly reduced after a series of three to four IPL treatments. The treatments should be spaced three to five weeks apart.

Once you get your cystic acne under control, you can then start to take care of any resulting scarring. There are loads of affordable, non-invasive med spa treatments to help erase even the worst kind of cystic acne scarring: At The Rejuvenation Place we offer a few different options for acne scarring such as Microneedling, IPL and Clinical Peels! 

tattoo reduction

This treatment directs a beam of light onto the skin which removes the top layer (epidermis). In this case it burns away the top layer of skin which contains your tattoo. The treated area then heals itself by producing new skin growth which also makes the tattoo less noticeable. Repeat treatments will cause the tattoo to fade away over time.

laser hair reduction 

Intense pulsed light hair removal is performed using an IPL machine. A hand-held wand is applied directly onto the skin, and the light travels into the skin, until it hits a hair, due to its high concentration of pigment or melanin which the light can target. The hair and its follicle (or root) heat up intensely. The hair itself soon falls out, and the heat also destroys the follicle itself, including germ cells. Germ cells easingly common in both medical and cosmetic procedures. IPL itself can also be used for other procedures including acne treatment, broken capillaries, and removal of birth marks.

skin pigmentation 

Skin pigmentation can take the form of freckles, age spots or larger patches of discoloured skin. The most common form is hyperpigmentation, which is the excess production of the skin pigment melanin, appearing as localised patches, which are darker than the surrounding skin. The patches are typically non-raised, as the hyperpigmentation occurs beneath the top layer of skin. Pigmentation can be caused by excess sun exposure, injury, post-inflammation/acne or hormonal changes. Laser and IPL treatment can help to reduce the appearance of many forms of pigmentation. Laser and IPL can improve the appearance of:

  • Dark Patches
  • Freckles
  • Age Spots
  • Sun spots
  • Some brown birthmarks
  • Marks left from scars

skin rejuvenation

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. It is an FDA and TGA-approved and patented form of treatment which has been shown to be both safe and effective. IPL is also known as photo rejuvenation. Because it is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, with few concerns in terms of either side effects, recovery time, or the level of invasiveness with the treatment itself, IPL is continuing to become a more widely utilized choice. IPL skin rejuvenation offers patients a wide range of benefits, including:

  • IPL is a quick in-office procedure, with almost zero needs for recovery. It’s easy to fit it into your schedule and get on with the rest of your life. You see great results without undergoing intensive surgery.
  • IPL works wonders for removing red splotches, brown spots, and scarring, as well as reducing pore size, eliminating and reducing wrinkles, and improving overall skin texture, smoothness and quality. IPL has been used to treat rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, age and sunspots, broken capillaries, spider veins, stretch marks, and other conditions as well.
  • IPL is a great tool to help combat the effects of ageing, and achieve a more youthful appearance.
  • IPL offers a legitimate and long-lasting solution, as opposed to some procedures which offer only short-term results.
  • IPL can also be utilized anywhere on the body, offering great versatility from a single procedure.

spider veins 

IPL treats spider veins by heating and damaging the walls of the blood vessel. This causes them to collapse and disappear over time. IPL is most effective on small veins close to the surface of the skin.

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