the rp showroom

In designing our showroom, we wanted a large open space that would give us options for hosting events, bringing in special guests and displaying our amazing product lines. Each product we offer was researched in depth to make sure The Rejuvenation Place clients receive nothing but the best! Our showroom also offers a Brow 'tini' Bar, just pop in to get your brows on point, and a make-up counter to amplify your beauty.


bio jouvance paris 

The story begins in Paris, where Sonia Boghosian received training at the most prestigious skin care institutes and where she met her husband Raymond Scimouni, world renowned biochemist who shared her passion for extraordinary skin care products that will make a difference. The combination of aesthetics and science would be the model for every Bio Jouvance skin care innovation over the next three decades. By 1986, Sonia and Raymond decided to take their ideas across the Atlantic, and opened the first Bio Jouvance Spa and distribution and training center on U.S. soil. They selected San Francisco as their location, and introduced their iconoclastic combination of smart science and spa pampering to American estheticians and women who were hungry for skin care that went beyond established limits.


sara happ

Sara Happ Inc. is a company of beauty enthusiasts who have set out to do one thing only: create lip products that do exactly what they say they’ll do, every time. We create, we don't follow. "I'm constantly formulating new lip products that don't exist. My charge to our chemist is to find the most innovative ingredients and break all the rules." - Sara


tu'el skin care

At Tu’el, we believe that healthy skin starts with a handful of plants and a serious dose of skincare science. First created for skincare professionals in 1979, Tu’el has been brightening faces and giving glow for over 35 years. We use high concentrations of the most powerful plant extracts the planet has to offer—active botanicals and minerals rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins that actually feed your skin from the outside in. We don’t let potentially harmful ingredients near any of our products, because when your active ingredients are as good as ours, you don’t need anything else to see radiant results.

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double dare spa - omg!

OMG! super-targeted treatments are easy and convenient for beauty on-the-go. OMG! masks were designed for easy and mess-free experiences that leave you feeling fabulous and flawless for any adventure that awaits. Each OMG! mask has been carefully formulated using the most effective and safe ingredients to reveal and revive your most beautiful skin. Dare to discover beautiful skin, anywhere, anytime and on-the-go with OMG!